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SageMaker Studio Quick Start


A step-by-step quick start guide for SageMaker Studio. Start a Studio session, launch a notebook on a GPU instance and run object detection inference with a detectron2 pre-trained model.

PyTorch Quick Start: Classifying an Image

Posted 2017-02-25 • Updated 2019-02-28

In this post we’ll classify an image with PyTorch. If you prefer to skip the prose, you can checkout the Jupyter notebook. Two interesting features of PyTorch are pythonic tensor manipulation that’s similar to numpy and dynamic computational graphs, which handle recurrent neural networks in a more natural way than static computational graphs. A good description …

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AWS CLI Quick Start


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) command line tool is a full-featured alternative to using the AWS console to perform actions in your account. Getting started is dead simple.

Docker Quick Start

Posted 2017-02-04 • Updated 2019-02-28

Docker is a useful tool for creating small virtual machines called containers. Containers are instances of docker images that are defined in Dockerfiles.